NCSU Yarbrough Chiller Plant


North Carolina State University Yarbrough Chiller Plant

North Carolina State University commissioned the design team to develop a new chilled water plant adjacent to the Yarbrough Steam Plant, Riddick Stadium and the future corridor for the Triangle Transit Authority light rail system. The Plant provides the necessary chilled water capacity for the immediate and future academic building planned for the North Campus. In order to reconcile the infrastructure’s presence on campus, the organization of spaces and selection of materials infuses the industrial nature of the building into a campus setting. Based on the idea of “phase change,” the transition between solid, liquid and gaseous phases of water, the design of the building emphasizes the level of energy required at each phase change. The activities are organized relative to the velocity of the system. Operation spaces are organized along the North elevation toward campus, or solid state, and the machinery for chilled water production is organized along the South elevation toward the rail

Awards: Edge Award - Best Partnering/Team Approach; AIA NC Merit Award