NCSU CVM Anatomy Lab Renovation


NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine Anatomy Lab Renovation with Feasibility Studies

Located on the first level of the existing College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Main Building, Anatomy Lab C121 supports all first year veterinary students in their small and large animal anatomy courses, other wet labs requiring formalin, and continuing education activities. With class size increases, the laboratory and adjacent support spaces were deemed undersized. The College identified the need for renovations to meet today’s curricular demands while planning for future expectations.

The renovation program includes a 50% increase in the Anatomy Lab area, an expanded multipurpose lab, dedicated plastination and dry labs, relocated offices, and consolidated storage. The lab renovation is one of a series of projects to implement a new master plan for the ground level C wing.

Two feasibility studies established scope and schedule for the renovation project. Ultimately, budget and scheduling were critical in the design decision-making process. Renovations had to occur during the summer months to keep the lab functional for Spring and Fall Courses. Areas surrounding the lab including the hospital must remain in operation during construction.